Tips For A Clean Bathroom

With summertime comes more traffic into your home and the challenge of maintaining a clean bathroom. The kids come and go into the bathroom more frequently while they are home from school. Guests use the bathroom while stopping overnight on their summer vacation. And any number of friends and family use it while visiting as you grill outback.

How do you keep your bathroom clean?

Here are a few tips:

Prevent clogs.

Plan ahead. Pipes clog because of a gradual buildup of grease, dirt, hair, and soap. To prevent clogs, regularly pour down a drain cleaner like a natural mixture of white vinegar and hot water mix. For an extra boost before guests arrive, put baking soda down the drain followed by the hot water and then white vinegar. If you prefer to use a retail drain cleaner, be careful because it can ruin your pipes if used too often.

Keep faucets and shower doors dry.

Wipe dry your faucet and glass shower door after washing. This can help prevent mineral stains. Hard water has minerals that react with cleansers and form stains. By wiping the water away, there is less problem with mineral stains.

Avoid scratches and repair chips.

When it comes to clean, a smooth sink or tub looks great when it shines and is free from dirt. But dirt will collect in areas of chips and scratches. It’s important to be careful not to scratch them by using sponges and cleaners that are non-abrasive. Fix any chips with a porcelain/sink chip repair kit that can be purchased at a home/hardware store in the same color as the sink or tub.

You also want to be careful not to scratch the toilet bowl when cleaning it. Regularly check your brush and replace it when the bristles wear down and metal is showing. Once the bowl is scratched, it’s impossible to keep it clean, and it is not much you will be able to do about the scratches.

Get rid of the toilet bowl rings.

Scrubbing the bowl alone won’t get rid of ring-around-the-toilet. Those rings are from mineral stains, which as we mentioned result from a reaction due to minerals in the water. You can be a dire-hard at keeping your bathroom immaculate, but you’ll still get rings if you have hard water. To remove these, every so often turn the water off and flush it to empty the toilet. Fill it with Coke (yes, the soda) and let it sit. Wait several hours and clean away the rings.

Encourage throwing trash in a wastebasket.

Place a wastebasket and a note in the bathroom to discourage guests from throwing trash down the toilet. It can only handle human waste and small amounts of toilet paper. And the last thing you want to be dealing with is a backed-up toilet.

Place extra hand towels for guests to use.

Hand towels are a better alternative to paper towels. You don’t want paper towels in the bathroom at all. Paper towels are easy but not environmentally friendly. They also can fill up a waste container quickly and start to make the bathroom look trashy. Plus, they could potentially be flushed and wind up clogging the toilet.

Prevention is always the best way to avoid problems that can ruin any clean space. High Priority Plumbing can help clean your drains and sewer line to break up clogs before a problem escalates. And in the Atlanta area, we offer jetter service that scours pipes clean so they are brand new. We can also help with all types of plumbing repairs to keep your bathroom operational. Call us to schedule an appointment at 770.860.8110 in Atlanta.

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