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Do you have an overworked toilet? With the kids out of school, every time the toilet is used it is going to be flushed. And with the kids, it’s not a normal use. It’s flushed a lot. Toilet tissue, Kleenex, paper towels, and napkins seem to magically disappear. Much of it somehow gets flushed down the toilet or drain. And that, along with overuse, can be a problem!

Tips for avoiding clogs

While the kids are home more frequently and using the toilet more, there is an increased potential that your drains and toilets could clog. Here are a few tips to avoid clogs:

  • Speak to your kids about what to flush and not flush. Toilet paper is ok if it is only a couple of sheets, but not several. Too much and it can clog the toilet!
  • Everything else should go in the trash. That means Kleenex, paper towels, bandages, wipes, plastic wraps, crayons, toys and much more. Your sewer pipes are not built to handle these items and even flushable items do not degrade the same as toilet paper.
  • Keep a reminder note near the toilet of what they shouldn’t flush. Kids benefit from reminders while they learn good habits. But we all know kids. Don’t count on them reading the note on their own. Show it to them and have them read it!
  • While you are at it, teach them not to climb on the toilet. Not only can they slip and fall, but they can also crack the porcelain. In fact, you might need to remind them that the bathroom is not a room for play.

The overworked toilet is not your only potential plumbing problem during the summer. Many appliances can become overworked. Here are a few other tips to avoid potential plumbing problems:

  • With the kids home, they will eat and possibly prepare their own food. Talk to them about what to put in the waste disposal and what is safe to pour down the kitchen drain. Oils, grease and fats are some of the worst because they congeal when cooled. Objects that are thick, fibrous and hard, like banana peels, apple cores, watermelon seeds and celery, are also problematic.
  • As they run and play, the kids will change clothes more frequently so you’ve got more laundry. Washing machines are some of the most common problems for water damage in the summer. Do an inspection by checking the hoses and parts of the washing machine regularly to verify you don’t have leaks.

Common clogs are simple to clear with a plunger and drain cleaner, but it is not good to use a retail drain cleaner too frequently. And if you are constantly trying to unclog a drain or slow toilet, that is an indication of a bigger problem.

With summertime usage, your overworked toilet along with other appliances can become problems beyond the common clog that quickly become a disaster. Get additional help promptly by calling in a professional plumber. To schedule a repair, call High Priority Plumbing at 770.860.8110 in Atlanta.

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