How to Avoid Plumbing Horror Stories

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We’ve all heard plumbing horror stories that can make your skin crawl: a leak that turns into a flood, a clog that causes an unbearable stench, or a water heater that suddenly fails on the coldest day of the year. While not quite a haunted house, these plumbing nightmares can certainly cause a fright. Below you’ll find some plumbing horror stories that can plague modern households. But don’t be too scared – each situation can be prevented with the proper care and expert services!

The Silence of the Sump Pump

On a cloudy October day, Angela woke to a chilling silence filling her home. It had been raining recently, and the sound of the sump pump gently humming was usually a comforting white noise. But now, the sound of the sump pump was gone. 

Curious, Angela switched on the dim lights of her basement and carefully ventured down. Instantly an awful stench rushed up her nose, and the deathly silence broke with a massive metal-on-metal clanging. Angela jumped violently and stared into the darkness. Her sump pump was backed up and burning itself out in the far corner of the room!

October can bring heavy rain in some areas, and if your sump pump isn’t up to the task, you might find yourself in a waterlogged nightmare! Regular maintenance or professional sump pump replacement in Conyers, GA is vital to keep the rainwater at bay and your basement dry.

The Tell-Tale Water Heater

David had been outside most of the day, working on a wooden birdhouse. After the last nail had been hammered, David put everything away and headed inside. His hands were freezing, and the first thing he did was turn on the hot water. He waited a few seconds, placed his cold hands under the faucet, and drew them back in shock because, instead of being warmed by hot water, they were chilled to the bone. David didn’t know it, but his home didn’t have any hot water left. Under the floorboards, there was also a strange, unsettling noise. Looking back at the faucet, David watched in horror as the water ran discolored and rusty.

As the weather begins to chill, there’s an increased reliance on hot water. A failing water heater can be a cold shock, especially in the ghostly weather of October. Avoid this chilling situation by scheduling regular maintenance. However, if you experience a leak or complete water heater failure, contact professionals for tankless water heater repair in Conyers, GA to ensure an endless supply of warm water.

Night of the Clogged Drain

“Mom, I’m full!” said young Charlie, who had nearly finished all his dinner. His mother looked at his plate, noting the leftover bits of food, and said, “Good work, Charlie! You ate all your vegetables!”

She smiled and took the plate while Charlie went off to play outside. A few chunks were rather large, but Charlie’s mother thought it would be okay to dump them down the drain since they fit. A week passed, and the large food chunks in the drain had become a distant memory. She was completely unaware of the horrifying situation in her kitchen sink. Bubbles rose from the drain, and a growling noise from deep within seemed to roar its disapproval. Suddenly, Charlie came running inside, yelling, “Mom! I went to the bathroom, but the toilet was growling at me! Bubbles are coming up from inside!”

Oils and food scraps from the kitchen sink can lead to frightening blockages. If you find yourself in this spooky situation, don’t hesitate to call High Priority Plumbing for our drain cleaning services in Conyers, GA. We’ll take care of the issue promptly!
Don’t let plumbing nightmares haunt your home this Halloween season! From sump pump or water heater failures to clogged drains and everything in between, our certified plumbers at High Priority Plumbing are here to banish all your plumbing horrors. Call us today at (770) 860-8110, or request a free online quote. Our professional team will handle all the spookiness with expertise so you can rest easy.

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