Signs to Spot a Plumbing Problem

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Some plumbing problems might seem minor and easy to ignore. But if you ignore the problem there is always the potential the problem could get worse. And when it comes to plumbing, worse can get really bad. If you are able to spot a plumbing problem early, you can fix the problem before it becomes a crisis.

Here are some of the signs that your plumbing is a problem:

Your faucet is leaking. That drip can be annoying and can add to your water bill very fast. The fix can be easy, such as replacing an o-ring, washer, or another faucet component. But if the simple fixes don’t stop the drip you might need to replace the faucet. Or you could have a bigger problem with high pressure building up in the line. If this is the case, you’ll notice the problem more quickly when you have a geyser coming from the faucet.

The water pressure in your faucets is low. This problem could indicate that your pipes are badly clogged or are badly undersized. When you fully turn to open the faucet with the drains unstopped, water should not collect in tubs and basins. Pressure is building up somewhere and that is a sign that the pressure will eventually give. You might not see the cracks forming in a concealed pipe, but you will eventually see the water leaking or the water bill increasing.

Your water smells bad and has an orange color. Eventually, your sink or toilet will have rust stains. This is a sign that there are minerals in the water that should not be there. If you have iron pipes supplying your water, rust is usually a sign that there is severe corrosion inside your pipes. It could only be a matter of time before your piping gets a hole or ruptures from the corrosion, then you will have a leak.

You are continuously plunging your toilet to unclog it. Your sewer or septic system may be clogged. As the clog gets worse, you will see a backup of water and waste in more fixtures, such as showers, bathtubs, and sinks. And you may even begin to smell the odor as it comes up through the drains.

You have a bad smell in your bathroom and it appears to be coming from the sink drain. Yes, we did just mention this above as a potential sign of a clogged drain. It could also be that the drain has not been used in a while. In this case, the likely problem is the P-trap.

Your faucets make a loud sound when you turn them on. You could have an air-venting problem in the plumbing system. Part of your piping should include a venting area to help air escape and your vent may not be working properly.

Your drains make gurgling sounds when water drains down them. This is also a sign that air is not properly vented in your sewer system. If the vent is plugged or clogged, the air will go up the piping and out of the drain in the form of bubbles.

Unfortunately, clogged or missing vents, leaking pipes, and other plumbing problems can be hard to fix. If you spot a problem, call your local plumber and avoid a plumbing emergency. High Priority Plumbing can assist you with simpler fixes, such as replacing plumbing appliance components or changing the fixture. We can check your water pressure and add a pressure-reducing valve if you need one. And we have equipment such as cameras that go inside pipes to locate the clog, corroded, or damaged area to help you with the not-so-easy repairs.

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