Unblocking Your Sewer Lines Using a Jetter

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You might think of your plumber as the person to call when you have a leaking tap or running toilet but there are many full-service plumbers like High Priority Plumbing who can also assist you with maintaining your sewer lines, removing blockage that is limiting drainage in sinks and toilets, and fixing issues with outdoor drainage and blockages. The best way to clean or unclog your sewer lines is with jetter services. Plumbers use the powerful forces of a jetter to knock loose waste and debris and clear away any blockage in your sewer lines.

Using Jetter Services When Easy Fixes are Not Effective

Although many clogs can be easily fixed with plungers, drain cleaners, or mechanical snakes, these “easy fixers” are not going to fix every problem.  One problem with clogged sewer lines is that the location of the clog might not be close enough to the drain for plungers, drain cleaners, and mechanical snakes to be effective. Another problem could be that the sewer line might have a build-up of grime, grease, hair, food waste, and everything that has been drained through the pipe over the months collecting in it. The waste and debris might not have formed one specific clog but instead, it has collected along a large area along the inner sewer walls. The collection gets to a point where it slows the drain and easy fixes are not enough to address the buildup.

What is the most effective way to fix the problem? Your plumber can locate the problem, remove the line, and then replace it but it is not always practical to tear up walls to fix a perfectly intact pipe that has a blockage. A jetter is specifically designed to use high pressure to remove buildup and break up clogs effectively. And the jetter is non-intrusive so you don’t have to tear up walls to flush out the pipe.

Of course, it is always best to perform preventative maintenance on your sewer lines before a problem escalates. Jetters can be used for regular home maintenance to clean your sewer lines before they clog.

How Does a Sewer Jetter Work?

A sewer jetter, also known as “hydro-jetter” or “water jetter”, are high-pressure drain cleaning machines. They have a high-pressure flexible hose with a jet nozzle on the end. The jet forces pressure in both forward and backward directions as it is pushed and pulled along the drain. The jetting hose is lightweight, abrasion-resistant, slippery, and can easily be pushed and pulled when inside the pipe. Jetting nozzles are designed to insert the hose into the line and provide proper unclogging and cleaning.

As you can probably guess, using a jetter can be quite messy from waste and debris being flushed out of the drain. And one will need to have eye protection for safety to prevent contact with fluids coming out of the sewer and drain while it is being cleaned.

The high pressure of a sewer jetter is key to effectively unclog and clean inside sewer lines. The high-pressure water jets can clear obstructions in residential and commercial drain pipes as well as larger municipal sewer systems, depending on the size. High Priority Plumber offers jetter services for maintenance and unclogging of residential and light commercial sewer lines.  We will be happy to answer any questions you might have about scheduling maintenance to clean your sewer lines or unclogging your lines to help them flow more freely.

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