How Often Does A Septic Tank Need To Be Pumped?

Septic Tank Pumping Services Conyers GA

Homeowners often overlook septic tanks until a problem arises. Proper septic tank maintenance is important for preventing sewage disasters in your home and yard. Your septic tank should be inspected and pumped every 3-5 years. If you have moved into a new home, pumping the septic tank would be a wise plan as you may not know how the septic tank has been maintained previously. If you are interested in having your septic tank inspected and pumped, give High Priority Plumbing a call.

What to Expect from your Septic Tank Pumping

  •       We will find your septic tank—Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect their septic tank maintenance for years or even a decade, which is long enough to forget where the septic tank is located. If you are unsure where your septic tank is located, your county office may have an as-built diagram on hand to act as a map. Our technicians can also follow the sewer line from your house to locate the septic tank.
  •       We will pump away the waste—Your septic tank separates waste, where solids are at the bottom, liquid sewage is in the middle, and scum floats to the top. Our technician will insert a hose into the access hole to begin the pumping process. Although we will pump out the liquid sewage in the process, we are mainly concerned with removing the solids and scum. Liquid waste will eventually filter out and be processed into your soil, but solids and scum remain in your septic tank.
  •       We will perform an inspection—After the pumping, we will clean and evaluate your filter as needed. Our technicians can also let you know about the condition of your septic tank lid. If we notice anything problematic with your septic tank, we will let you know and offer a solution.
  •       We will haul away your waste—Your waste will be hauled away to be treated in an eco-friendly wastewater facility. Through the treatment processes, your waste could end up benefiting agriculture by being reused as fertilizer.

If your septic tank could use a professional inspection and pumping, schedule a visit from High Priority Plumbing today!

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