Thanksgiving Giveaway

Thanksgiving Giveaway

The past two years have been unprecedented, and we know that many are feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The holidays can be a season of healing and hope, and our goal is to bring families together during a difficult time. In order to spread the joy, High Priority Plumbing is proud to give away $500  to help one family make the most of their Thanksgiving holiday. 

After receiving many submissions, we were especially moved by two stories in particular. Because both are so deserving, we decided to award both families this holiday season! 

Officer Webb:

Officer Webb resides in Rockdale county where he serves as a police officer. He was shot while on duty, but he was thankfully shielded by his bulletproof vest and the radio on his utility belt. He sustained injuries, but he fully recovered after a time. Shortly after the hardships of his injuries, he and his wife experienced complications during the birth of their child. Mrs. Webb is self-employed, and the couple both sacrificed income while recovering from the difficult birth. 

The following August, their home was severely damaged by a tree. Due to repairs and insurance setbacks, it took almost a year before they could return to their home. During this same time, Officer Webb was struck by a motorcycle on the job. This incident exacerbated the injuries sustained from the shooting. He is now out of work and must walk with a cane. His wife works three jobs to help cover their combined medical bills and the absence of income.

Officer Webb loves protecting his community and we are proud to honor his servant’s heart. We hope our gift can help lighten the load for his family this holiday season. 


In May 2020, Tammy was diagnosed with two types of lung cancer. She immediately had to undergo endless scans, biopsies, and x-rays. These tests concluded that she needed multiple surgeries to remove cancerous tumors in her right lung. In total, the entire middle and bottom lobes as well as 85% of the top lobe of her right lung were removed, leaving only 15% of her right lung.

After only two months of recovery, Tammy began chemotherapy. Two months later, she began radiation treatment. Unfortunately, she contracted COVID-19 in November 2020, leaving her oxygen-dependent, exhausted, nauseous, and sick during the holidays. She remains on oxygen to this day.

In May 2021, test results led Tammy and her husband to believe she was possibly cancer-free. However, Tammy dreamt a few months later in September that her cancer had returned. Her head began to ache six days later and she decided to head into the emergency room. She was later notified that she has cysts on her brain that could herniate and cause her to stop breathing. 

The next day, she underwent a five-hour brain surgery to remove all of the cysts, including one the size of a tennis ball. Since then, she is scheduled to begin chemotherapy and radiation again in the next few weeks.

Tammy is well-loved by her family and will be facing the same treatments and side effects again this holiday season. Her husband has shown incredible support during this time, including shaving his head with her while she is undergoing chemotherapy.

The stories of Officer Webb and Tammy are inspiring to our team, and we are thankful we can bless them both. Please join us in keeping both families in your thoughts and prayers this holiday season. We are so thankful to give our $500 giveaway to these wonderful people.

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