6 Tips for Choosing the Right Plumber

High Priority Plumbing Team

When you need a plumber, what do you do? Do you pull out your mobile device and search on Yelp? Do you call your neighbor to ask the name of the company that came to fix their leak? These are good ways to find plumbing companies in your area. But there is an abundance of companies with great advertisements. And you will probably get different referrals if you ask different people. How do you decide if that reference is for a great plumbing company when there are so many to choose from?

Choosing the right plumber can help you get what you need to be fixed without worrying about being charged for unnecessary add-ons or paying inflated rates. Ideally, you want to choose a plumber who is reliable and trustworthy. Here are 6 tips to help you choose:

Tip #1: The first impression is important. If you are looking at ads while you search online, an advertisement or website is the first indication that a plumber cares about his business and attracting good customers. Also, look to see what information the company provides, verify that they are licensed and insured, notice what accreditations and affiliations they have and find out if they have emergency service. These are all indicators of professionalism.

Tip #2: Good communication is essential. You might tell immediately when you make the call how you will be treated. It is never a good sign of customer service to connect with a company that doesn’t make you their priority while they are on the phone with you. The same applies to completing an online request form.

You should expect a quick response. You should be able to reach a person who is clear and prompt in helping you. They should provide adequate information about how they can help you. Then once the technician arrives, you want to continue getting good communication. For instance, he should be clear as to what the problem is, what will need to be done, and how much a repair or installation is estimated to cost you.

Tip #3: Beware that not all plumbers have experience with all types of plumbing situations. There are all types of people who learned the trade from on-the-job experience. They have had no other formal vocational training or certifications. So their ability to fix complex repairs is often learn-as-you-go. If that sounds scary to you, it should.

You can trust the professionalism and expertise of master plumbers, like those at High Priority Plumber, who are trained professionals that keep current with their licenses. In addition, you want to verify that you are working with a licensed company. Licensing usually requires appropriate insurance and worker’s compensation so that you are not held liable if someone were to get hurt in your home while on the job.

Tip #4: Timeliness and cleanliness are indicators of professionalism. Your time and your home are important. You should expect the company to treat you with respect by keeping you notified with a time range for when their technician will arrive and the technician should arrive at the time you were told. You should also expect a technician to take all necessary precautions to protect your home. An example of this is wearing shoe covers. A good indicator of cleanliness is the clean, professional appearance of the technician and his tools when he arrives at your home. There is a saying that you can often tell the quality of the work by the tools.

Tip #5: Get upfront pricing. When you call for service, you should be given information about the initial cost of a visit and during that visit, you should be provided with a written quote that adequately addresses the issue. A professional plumber should be able to provide an accurate estimate before any work is done. The company should also be able to apply any fees for quoting a job to the actual cost of the work once the work is completed. And when a company has integrity, they will be upfront with you regarding any extra fees you might incur due to unforeseen problems.

Tip #6: See how transparent the company is about sharing its reviews. In today’s technological world, there are many ways to find out about how a company is rated. A plumbing company that is transparent readily shares reviews on their website and also has good feedback on their social media. In addition, you can check reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List. And don’t forget to see what rating the company has with the Better Business Bureau. Another way a company shows transparency is through its affiliations.

At High Priority Plumbing, our customers are our priority. We take pride in providing you quality service from our master plumbers. We are licensed and insured and have the same rates no matter when you need our service. For service in the metro Atlanta area, contact 770-860-8110.

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