4 Tips to Prepare Your Plumbing This Fall

Fall Plumbing Tips

Are you ready for the cooler weather? As the summer weather flees, you can expect a couple of mornings in October in the metro Atlanta area where the temperature dips below freezing. Seasonal changes can affect your plumbing. And that means there is some work to do around the house and yard to winterize your plumbing and outdoor water fixtures.

Avoid plumbing emergencies that occur from seasonal changes by taking easy preventative measures. Here are 4 tips to prepare your plumbing:

  1. Perform an inspection to make sure your pipes are sufficiently insulated. Pipes that are not in a heated area, such as the garage or shed, are especially vulnerable. Your local plumber in the metro Atlanta area can help you with both leak repairs and insulation. But don’t wait. Many homeowners wait until that freeze warning to think about protecting their pipes. Waiting is risky. And no one wants to be running around to find supplies at the last minute. If, however, you do find yourself in this situation on the night of a freeze warning, duct tape can be use in lieu of self-adhesive edging on a pipe for a quick temporary measure.
  2. Remove the leaves and debris from your gutters and drains. You might need to do this a few times in the Atlanta area as leaves have a tendency to hang on some trees, falling later. Besides reducing the amount of fall foliage that ends up in your gutters, get a hose to clean the dirt and debris from gutters and drains so that water can flow freely. This will help avoid a plumbing backup during the wetter winter months.
  3. Once the cooler fall days come, you will find yourself mowing the lawn less as the grass goes dormant. And since you won’t be using your sprinklers, it’s time to prep them for the winter months. Disconnect the sprinklers and take an air compressor to blow out the sprinkler pipes. There are usually some instructions for winterization that came with the sprinkler system or your plumber at High Priority Plumbing can help you with this. Your preparations will help the water lines from freezing thereby saving your sprinkler system for when you want to use it in the spring.
  4. With your gardening chores lessening, your garden hose should be drained and put away. Also of importance is the spigot where that hose is connected. The spigot is vulnerable to leaks from freezing temperatures. Cover your spigots with insulated wraps that you can buy at garden and hardware stores.

Take the time to do these preventative measures before the first freeze and ensure your water continues to flow as you need it. No one wants to step into the shower in the middle of winter and find only cold water. It’s Murphy’s Law that most plumbing emergencies seem to happen at the worst possible times when holidays are here and you have guests. By taking preventative measures now, you are more likely to get through the winter just as you want to, with plenty of water running smoothly through your pipes and draining just as smoothly.

High Priority Plumbing can assist you with your plumbing preparations this fall. Whether you need help insulating your pipes, blowing out your drains and sprinklers, or have other needs for your plumbing, you can call us at 770.860.8110.

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