Why You Need an Emergency Plumber

Emergency Plumber Conyers GA

If you have a running toilet or a small drip from your faucet, you can probably wait until the next morning or after the weekend to get a plumber. But if you have a pool of water on your floor or a geyser in your bathroom after a pipe bursts, you can’t wait. Even if you are the “Do-It-Yourself” type, you could always run into situations where the problem becomes bigger and more urgent for you to handle. Having an emergency plumber who can handle the problem and is at the ready no matter when the emergency occurs is a must.

Here are four serious reasons why you want to keep the contact number for an emergency plumber handy:

  • What about when you are on vacation and something happens to your plumbing? Your house sitter calls to say there is a backup with the sewer or a line has burst. You can’t wait until you get back home to assess the situation. This scenario requires immediate attention from your emergency plumber. While you are away you should give anyone looking after your home the plumber’s contact information.
  • It doesn’t really matter if you are on vacation or not, signs of broken lines are considered plumbing emergencies. These include water gushing in the yard or home or any sign of wetness on the walls or floor. You want the problem fixed, immediately.
  • It is never a good thing when you have water gushing from a fixture without it being turned on. So when a fixture breaks your first thought should be to turn off the water supply in that area. Your next thought should be to call your emergency plumber.
  • You might not be thinking of winter but the cold season is not too far in the future. One of the most common needs for an emergency plumber is freezing weather conditions. You could wrap your pipes snugly to protect them during freezes but there is no guarantee that a pipe won’t bust. When you realize you don’t have water in your house or you have a puddle, you will want the number for the emergency plumber.

Take note that not every plumber is able to handle all emergencies all the time.  When a major problem arises, you want a plumber who is prepared to handle a myriad of problems. You want a plumbing company that has the different tools and equipment to locate and fix the problem. And you don’t want to be waiting for someone to call back after you leave a message because it is after hours.

You want a company that understands how to prioritize emergencies compared to routine work. Not every plumbing concern is an emergency. But when it is, having an emergency plumber in mind who understands your priority can save you inconvenience and possibly avoid some really bad headaches.

At High Priority Plumbing, we have routine plumbers for non-emergency services and then we have emergency plumbers on hand for when that major problem happens. We can accommodate your emergency by handling multiple types of plumbing problems. And we are available so you can reach us 24/7 because “Our customers are our priority.”

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