We are Family at High Priority Plumbing

High Priority Plumbing - Family Team Member

The relationships we have formed inside our company radiate out to our customers. At High Priority Plumbing, our team truly is a family that cares for each other genuinely on and off the job. This supportive family dynamic drives our connection to our customers and remains at the core of everything we do. When coming on with High Priority Plumbing and hearing it was “like a family,” one of our employees communicated, “When I’ve heard that before, it’s never been the truth. I’ve never been at a place that was this close.” Another employee said, “It’s truly, truly a family environment. When you join the HPP family, you really are joining a team that wants to see you grow.” At High Priority Plumbing, our employees recognize that they are a vital part of our team. “They actually care about you. You’re not a number. You’re a person,” a team member shared. Whether an employee or a customer, we never treat people like numbers. We value each person, and we are concerned about their concerns. One of our dispatchers, Jessica Jones, shared her experience of what it is like to be part of the HPP family.

A typical day at HPP starts with the dispatchers going through the work orders and getting started right away. “We call the customer, address them, and figure out the issue going on…We figure out what technician to send and make sure they are prepared to fix whatever they need to fix on-site,” Jessica said. The plumbers for High Priority Plumbing are located throughout the state, so our dispatchers look for the closest available technician. A quick response is a part of giving our customers the same level of care we would want for our own families. 

When asked what it takes to be a dispatcher at HPP, Jessica shared a list of qualities such as “good workmanship, good people skills, bubbly personality, and ability to take constructive criticism.” Since dispatchers are the first ones to interact with customers, they play a vital part in helping customers feel comfortable and heard. All of our dispatchers are constantly looking for ways to improve and be the best for our customers. The High Priority Plumbing team is deeply invested in each other’s personal and professional growth. “They give you that room to grow and show what you’re willing to do and what you’re capable of doing. We all want to succeed.”

If you are interested in being part of a company that truly is a family, reach out to High Priority Plumbing. We are always looking for caring, hardworking, and professional team members to join our mission of putting customers first.

We are Family at High Priority Plumbing

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