Water Service Lines — New Service!

Water Service Lines Conyers GA

Water line leaks and damage to the line are some of the most common problems in plumbing. A leak in your water line is considered a plumbing emergency and our team of knowledgeable and dedicated professional plumbers are here to help you! We now offer the following water line services:

It’s common for homeowners and office managers to contact us about mysterious leaks. Some signs that you might need a water service repair is a mysterious increase in your water bill, water pooling in your yard, low water pressure, wet crawl space, and water stains on walls.

Water service line leaks are also common when the ground has been subjected to extreme weather conditions. This includes conditions such as freezing and thaw cycles of drought and extreme heat.

If any of these things are occurring in your home or office our team of professionals is here to help you. High Priority Plumbing has the right tools and equipment for locating leaks and fixing them. We pride ourselves on using non-intrusive methods of leak detection, when possible.

We want you to have peace of mind knowing that your pipes are functioning like new. That’s why providing proper installation, either repair, replacement, or new lines, is our top priority! Our trenching services allow us to dig a new line in the yard and cover it back with little damage to the yard.  We are equipped and ready to replace poly pipes, repair leaks as well as lay new lines.  Our equipment and specially trained team allow us to replace your line quicker and put your water system back to work for you and your family. We also offer trenching services to companies that are in need.

One of the best ways to avoid problems with water lines is through preventative maintenance. Low or high water pressure, dripping faucets, and phantom leaks in toilets may seem like minor problems, but they can also be indicative of major leaks in your water line. High Priority Plumbing and Services can perform an inspection of your plumbing system to determine if there are any problems with your water line and make repairs, as needed. Contact High Priority Plumbing and Services today for your water line repair, maintenance or installation needs.

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