Using a Jetter to Clean Your Pipes

Jetter To Clean Your Pipes

A jetter is one of the best tools for cleaning and unclogging pipes. Clogged pipes are one of the biggest problems with sewers. Sometimes these clogs can be broken up with drain cleaners and mechanical equipment such as a plumbers snake. However, frequently these methods don’t work. Even when a mechanical snake breaks up a clog, it doesn’t remove debris. The powerful, high-pressure jetter becomes more effective.

The Effectiveness of a Jetter

A Non-intrusive Method with Power and Reach

When plungers, drain cleaners, mechanical snakes and other equipment become ineffective in breaking up clogs, there usually is a serious problem going on in your pipes. Grime, grease, hair, food waste and everything that has been drained through the pipe can accumulate over the months to form an obstruction. The waste and debris can collect along the inner sewer walls and significantly slow or stop drainage. In severe cases, a solid mass stops the flow, escalating the problem and potentially damaging your pipe.

Since the problem can occur further down the pipe, it becomes out of reach for easier fixes to tackle the issue. The location of the obstruction should be identified. This can be done with cameras that go into the pipes. With the problem located, your plumber can remove the line and then replace it. But this is not always practical.

A jetter is a non-intrusive method to remove buildup and break up clogs effectively so you don’t have to tear up walls and replace a perfectly intact pipe. Therefore, the jetter is recommended for its non-intrusive, far-reaching and powerful abilities. It can clear obstructions in residential and commercial drain pipes as well as larger municipal sewer systems.

A High-pressure Water Jet

A sewer jetter, also known as “hydro-jetter” or “water jetter”, uses a high-pressure flexible hose with a jet nozzle on the end to force water pressure in back and forth directions through a pipe. Its nozzles are designed to insert the hose into the pipe. The jetting hose can then be pushed and pulled inside the pipe because it is lightweight, abrasion-resistant and slippery.

Although a jetter is simple and effective to use, it can be quite messy. As it flushes waste and debris out of your pipes there is a lot of fluid that is discharged. Safety is the main concern. When a plumber such as High Priority Plumber uses a jetter, they have eye and skin protection for safety to prevent contact with fluids.

High Priority Plumbing has a truck-mounted jetter that can carry up to 1,500 gallons of water for small and large sewer cleaning jobs. The hose is easily retractable with a large reach for accessing drains several hundred feet from the truck. When using the jetter, it acts much like a large pressure washer but with a more powerful force of water. There’s a lot of water to handle. Our technicians are skilled in using it to break up obstructions and get around obstacles.

When drains are cleaned with a jetter, there’s nothing left in them. The entire inner wall of the pipe will be scoured completely clean of waste and debris. Your pipes will be like the day they were installed. For more information about cleaning your pipes or removing a clog, contact us at 770.860.8110 in Atlanta.

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