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Although there are certain unavoidable times where your bathroom might smell less than fresh, in general, keeping the bathroom smelling good not only makes it a more pleasant space but helps it appear cleaner and more attractive. 

Bathroom Tips from Atlanta Plumbers

Check out these 4 tips from our Atlanta Plumber to help you keep your bathroom smelling clean and fresh.

  1. Air It Out: A damp bathroom is a smelly bathroom! Damp bathrooms can easily develop a musty or mildew odor if left unchecked. A simple solution for this problem is to turn on the fan or open the window after a shower or bath.  This will allow the steam to dissipate and the walls and floor to dry. If your bathroom lacks a built-in fan or window you can still use a small electric fan or a dehumidifier to blow away the moisture.
  2. Clean It Up: Bathrooms can get dirty and stinky quickly, especially if you have small children who use the facilities. Spending time each week cleaning the bathroom might not seem like much, but it can make a world of difference. Mopping the floors weekly, keeping the sink and tub clear of standing water, keeping the sink clean of toothpaste globs, shed hair, and spilled toiletries can all contribute to helping keep your bathroom smelling nice. Make sure to not skip the deep cleaning as well. Cleaning the toilet thoroughly, means the bowl, tank, seat and lid, can make all the difference. This might sound simple, but make sure you flush the toilet.  A toilet that does not flush all the way could be the source of your stink. If you have problems with a slow flushing toilet, one of our Atlanta plumbers will be able to help.
  3. Absorb Odors: When it comes to the bathroom, odors are inevitable. One tip is to keep the room fresh with natural odor absorbents. You can fill an attractive glass vase or bowl with white vinegar or baking soda and sit it on the bathroom counter. Both of these household products help to absorb odors out of the air, which can leave the room smelling fresh and pleasant. You can deodorize your drains by adding a cup of baking soda to your sink and leaving it in place for a couple of hours without turning on the faucet. After two hours,  add a cup of white vinegar to each drain, and after five minutes rinse with hot water.
  4. Add a Pleasant Scent: You can add mild fragrances to your bathroom without using harsh sprays, which only cover up foul odors. One easy way to do this is to set up a basket of potpourri in the corner of the room. A mixture of pine, rose petals, spices and citrus peels all smell natural. Another way to add fragrance to your bathroom is to add a scented soy candle. Lighting the candle before you use the bathroom and blowing it out after can make a world of difference.

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We know that you can’t avoid every foul bathroom odor but with these tips, you can create a fresh and clean-smelling bathroom. If you think your odor is being caused by something other than what was listed above, we have a highly qualified plumber near Conyers that would love to assist you! If you are interested in more of our plumbing hacks and services, please give us a call at 770.786.8110.

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