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A plumbing emergency could happen to anyone. Sometimes they are inevitable and happen to the best of us and a call to our 24-hour plumbing services in Atlanta is necessary. If that is the case, we are happy to help! However, there are some steps to take to avoid a mess. Here are some tips for avoiding stoppages of your drains and toilets in your home!

Don’t flush personal hygiene products. Although it can be tempting to toss personal hygiene products like sanitary napkins and tampons in your toilet, it is certainly not the best thing for your toilet. The biggest problem lies in the fact that both sanitary napkins and tampons are created to absorb liquid, not to break down in it. As the product absorbs liquid, it increases in size and creates a stoppage in your plumbing. This could be damaging to your pipes but also your septic system. Just don’t do it!

No extra-thick toilet paper. Toilet paper that doesn’t dissolve easily or at all is similar to personal hygiene products: it clumps up and creates a clog in your plumbing. The thicker the paper, the more of a problem it can create. Although thicker toilet paper might seem like a great option for comfort and convenience, all it could end up creating for you is a headache. A way to test whether or not your toilet paper is too thick is to go down the commode is to lay a square of it in water. If you return to it after a few minutes and it looks exactly the same, it is more than likely too thick. This is one small, easy way for you to trade comfort for functionality in your life! It could save you some money, too.

Keep hair out of the drain. All hair, long or short, is to blame for drain stoppages, especially in the shower. Even dog hair can create an unwanted situation for you and your plumbing! As hair gets stuck in your drain, it provides another surface for other substances, like soap and oil deposits, to get caught on as they go down the drain. Drain strainers are a great option and easy to clean. They can be permanent or temporary. If you do find yourself with a clog and hair is the culprit, boiling water can help unclog the stoppage. However, if that doesn’t work, you will want to consider calling a professional.

Don’t use chemicals in your toilets or drains to clear stoppages. While chemicals and products made to clear your drains might seem like the easiest and quickest solution, they could end up causing you problems in the long run. The first issue is that they likely will not get the job done as well as a professional could. The second issue is that chemicals are harsh and could cause damage to your plumbing. Chemicals can also pose a threat to your health if you inhale them in a large amount or spend too much time in an area where they have been used.

Being aware of these issues can definitely be to your advantage! If our Atlanta emergency plumbing services could be of assistance to you for any of these changes, please let us know by calling (770) 860-8110.

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