Renovations in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Bathroom And Kitchen Renovations Conyers GA

Plumbing: Renovations in your Kitchen and Bathroom

Being able to remodel their kitchen or bathroom is a dream project for many homeowners. It’s also a lot of distinctly less-dreamy work, however. Before you have a blast picking out your new cabinets, counters, faucets, and drawers, you have to buckle down for the nasty stuff. Namely, you have to contend with your plumbing. The bathroom and the kitchen are two of the most-used rooms in the house and when you set out to remodel them the DIY approach might not always be the best idea! There will always be the chance that you’ll have to pay for your own small (or big) mistakes down the road. Plumbing work should play a primary role in your bathroom and kitchen renovations. Including supply pipes and water lines in your remodelling plan – as well as appliances like toilets, sinks, and faucets – is essential to saving time and money in the long run. Check out some tips from High Priority Plumbing on how to avoid making these common and often costly mistakes. 

Kitchen Catastrophes

During a kitchen remodel, there are so many design choices such as countertops and flooring. Sometimes homeowners can get sidetracked by the excitement of shopping for new amenities, fixtures, and appliances that they forget to focus on the basics things first, like the layout. Where you put the sink, dishwasher and refrigerator all impact the configuration of the plumbing. Finalize these decisions early on to determine what you are able to accomplish in your kitchen and with your budget. 

A common issue we see is homeowners not realizing the sink affects the installation of new cabinets. Consider the following ahead of time:

  • How well the sink will fit
  • The depth of the basin
  • Where the plumbing comes out of the wall

Otherwise, you’ll have beautiful, new cabinets, but your preferred choice of sink won’t fit. For instance, in some cases moving a plumbing fixture could mean rerouting both plumbing and electrical connections.

Bathroom Blunders

Whether you’re redoing the entire bathroom or just swapping out some fixtures, proper plumbing is crucial. In the bathroom especially, every individual fixture — toilet, tub, shower, sink — relies on it. Everything needs to be compatible, and able to be used simultaneously.

A common problem in the bathroom happens when homeowners think they can easily shift the toilet. Toilets are lightweight and compact, so it’s sensible to think you can handle them yourself. However, even if you’re reusing installations and only moving the toilet a few inches, it’s a major plumbing project. You’ll soon realize it’s not only the pipes in the wall but the hole underneath that creates a challenge.

Why do I need a plumber?

If you are working towards remodelling your kitchen or bathroom yourself we applaud your efforts! However, we believe that some finishing touches are best left to a professional plumber. Here’s why:

When not installed or serviced properly, pipes, fixtures, and appliances can cause serious damage to your home’s plumbing system.

  • A professional plumber can relocate pipes–as well as install fixtures and appliances–improving efficiency during the course of your remodel.
  • Projects that involve building codes and permits are best handled by a licensed plumber. In fact, many states have local codes that allow only a licensed contractor to perform certain work. This can include moving or expanding the plumbing system.
  • Thoroughly plan your remodelling project from the start. Then, you’ll see when a professional can help minimize errors and maximize results. What’s more, a plumbing expert can spot additional problems like mold growth or ventilation issues.

Some people prefer to take on all of the work themselves. That’s great, but it’s important to know when installations and plumbing repairs are outside of your skill range. It’s possible you’re even stuck in the middle of the project right now. Perhaps you need pipes re-routed, or your plumbing lines aren’t properly positioned for your new fixtures. High Priority Plumbing is happy to come alongside and assist you in creating the bathroom/kitchen of your dreams! 

Have A Plan Before You Start:

Our last piece of advice is to have a plan before you start! Before you start moving things around, write down exactly what you plan on doing and where everything is going. Know exactly what you’re going to do and what you’ll need (and need to know) to do it. This will make things a lot easier for you during the remodel. Do you plan on moving any fixtures from one area to another? Are you installing anything that needs new piping? New electrical connections? New gas lines? These are things you need to know! Don’t wait until the last second to figure this stuff out, because that can lead to bigger problems down the line. If you need assistance in creating the bathroom/kitchen of your dreams then reach out to High Priority Plumbing today!

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