Plumbing Tips That Help You Sell Your Home

Plumbing Tips That Help You Sell Your Home

Summertime is a great time for people to see your home.  People enjoy being out and about looking at homes when the weather is nice.  And the sunshine helps brighten up your home to make it more welcoming.  But that sunshine can also spotlight water stains on walls and ceilings if you have a leak.  To help you maximize your sales potential, we have put together some plumbing tips that can help you sell your home.

Replace Noticeable Plumbing Fixtures – We have all heard that renovations in the kitchen and bathroom are some of the best investments for selling your home.  It is amazing what the appearance of things shiny and new can do.  But not everyone can afford or wants to renovate a home they plan to sell.  A less costly option to renovating is replacing noticeable old fixtures to bring your kitchen or bathroom more in fashion with the times.  You can do this by replacing a sink and faucet, changing the showerhead, and replacing the toilet bowl seat.

Make Plumbing Repairs – No one wants to buy a house when they hear running water with no one at home.  A continuously running toilet will make a potential home buyer suspicious of a leak.  But buyers will also be suspicious of a broken toilet bowl handle or faucet knob that says you haven’t kept your home in the best condition.  So make repairs where needed and replace broken parts on your plumbing fixtures.

Replace Old Lines – If you have old water and sewer lines that are leaking, there is a chance you have visible signs of the leak or odors.  Replacing those old lines can increase the confidence of a potential buyer when they think you have kept up on the maintenance.

Perform A Plumbing Inspection – It is a good assumption that your potential buyer will have an inspection that includes the plumbing.  You can check through your home yourself to make sure plumbing is in tip-top shape.  Besides the above-mentioned tips, verify your main water shut off valve is accessible and can turn easily, look at your hot water heater to see that there are no deposits or rust that could be warning signs, make sure you don’t have noisy pipes, and check the water pressure and temperature from your faucets.

Clear Your Drains – Any sluggishness in drains and toilets can be a sign of a potential clog.  But that also means waste is building up in the drains.  Running a drain cleaner down your drain while your home is on the market will help reduce clogs.  In addition, drain cleaners can decrease odors that are warning signs to potential home buyers.

Obvious signs of plumbing problems can cause “buyer beware” and even the smallest leaks can escalate to problems with broken pipes and even mold.  Any potential problems give negotiating power to a potential home buyer when it comes to selling your home.  And waiting for a home inspection that will require you to make costly repairs you were hoping to avoid is probably unrealistic.  Take control of the sale of your home by addressing potential plumbing concerns early.

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