Water Leaks Repair Conyers GA

Have you ever wondered why insects and rodents are commonly found living in crawl spaces and unfinished basements? The reason why these pests are attracted to these spaces is that there can be high levels of moisture present there. This is why pests can also be found around plumbing fixtures and pipes that leak and are in need of repair. Our McDonough plumber is here to help you understand what you can do to rid your household of these unwanted pests.  

What type of pests are attracted to moisture?

  • Drain Flies: Decomposing organic matter, commonly found in garbage disposals, dirty drains, showers, and sinks can all attract drain flies who will lay their eggs in the organic matter. If you’ve noticed a lot of these pesky flies around your drains then we suggest having your drains inspected and cleaned by one of our professional 24-hour plumbers in McDonough.
  • Termites: These insects are attracted to damp wood, so if you have an older property, it’s vital that your plumbing receives regular maintenance from a professional plumber.
  • Ants and Cockroaches: A leaky faucet or sink in your kitchen or bathroom can attract ants, flies and cockroaches. If a fitting was installed incorrectly or if there is a loose joint or crack in your sealant it can cause a leak. These leaks allow waste and food particles to escape, which attract insects.
  • Spiders, Mosquitos and other insects: When you have a blocked gutter, pools of water will develop. Even the smallest pools of water can attract mosquito larvae, spiders and other insects.

Where to Inspect for Leaks?

Just because you discover an insect in your bathroom doesn’t mean you have a leaky pipe or faucet. However, you should keep in mind that you could have an undiscovered leak if you are continually encountering unwelcome pests in your bathroom or kitchen. If you continue to see unwelcome pests then it’s essential that you take a close look at any area where bugs or rodents seem to be gathering. The most common areas for these types of leaks are:

  • Underneath your refrigerator.
  • The waterline of your freezer.
  • Underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks.
  • The waterline to any appliance which uses water, such as a washing machine or dishwasher.
  • Underneath your garbage disposal and sink traps.

Most leaks are noticeable and easy to spot, but some leaks can be a bit more tricky. Learning how to find a water leak can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why our hardworking and trustworthy plumbers are here! If you have any questions, concerns or difficulties in managing leaks that attract unwanted pests, please contact one of our affordable McDonough plumbers. If you’re interested in more plumbing tips or services please give us a call at 770.860.8110.

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