Plumbing Emergencies Don’t Take a Holiday

Emergency Plumbing Company Conyers GA

When you have a plumbing emergency, you can’t wait until the morning or the end of the weekend to fix it. And a holiday is a no different matter. If you have guests coming for a holiday meal, your stress level may already be on overload. How are you going to get your place cleaned when water is flowing like a fire hydrant inside your home or prepare the meal without running water?

We understand. Pipe bursts are one of the biggest crises that occur on a holiday. And these don’t have to be from freezing weather conditions. However it happens, something needs to be done and done immediately. Your next thought should be to call an emergency plumber.

Having the contact for an emergency plumber handy is important for all types of situations. You never expect the unexpected when it comes to plumbing problems on a holiday.  Here are 7 reasons why you need that number:

  1. Emergency plumbers like High Priority Plumbers are available 24/7. That means you will be able to reach someone quickly. No one wants to leave a message and wait for what will probably seem like forever for a call back. And you definitely don’t want to reach a message machine that reminds you it is after hours. The only thing worse is for the message to also remind you not to expect a return call until the morning of a regular business day.
  2. Not all plumbers are able to handle all plumbing problems. Emergency plumbers are specifically qualified to handle a variety of major problems that occur in urgent situations. They have the tools and equipment to locate and fix your problem.
  3. You can always find yourself in a situation that is bigger than you bargained for. Even if you are a “Do-It-Yourself” type of person, it is often during after hours or on holidays that you discover your project is too big for your skills and tools.
  4. You really don’t need the added stress of a plumbing disaster during a holiday. By keeping the numbers of all your emergency contacts, you limit the time between when the problem happens and when it is fixed. That’s less time you need to be stressed and more time to get back to your holiday planning and activities.
  5. The winter season is upon us and that means there is the potential for freezing weather conditions. These conditions are the most common times for needing an emergency plumber. Although you should take all precautions to protect your pipes, there are no guarantees that a pipe won’t burst.
  6. You might be on vacation during the holiday but a line can still burst. Your neighbor or house sitter will call you frantically because water is gushing in your yard or your home is flooded. You want the line fixed immediately but don’t you also want to tell them who to call instead of letting them make that decision?
  7. You want a company that understands how to prioritize emergencies compared to routine work. While not every plumbing concern is an emergency, when it is, you want the assurance of having an emergency plumber in mind that can save you inconvenience and avoid unnecessary delays.

At High Priority Plumbing, we have routine plumbers for standard everyday services and then we have emergency plumbers available 24/7 for when that major problem occurs. We are able to handle a variety of problems and have the tools and equipment to fix them. No matter if it is a weekday, weekend, or holiday, “Our customers are our priority.”

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