Hire Plumbing Company For Kitchen Remodel Conyers GA

Are you thinking of doing home remodelling this year? Now that the New Year is here, it is time to get busy with making your dreams come true. If your dream is a new bathroom or kitchen remodel project, you could be increasing the value of your home. But before you dive into the project, consider making plumbing upgrades.

Remodelling your kitchen or bathroom can provide the biggest return on investment in your home. But these areas can also offer some of the biggest challenges and problems due to poor or outdated plumbing. By looking at upgrades, you could be saving yourself headaches in the future. You can increase your home’s water efficiency. And you could get new fixtures and appliances to modernize your lifestyle.

3 Suggested Plumbing Upgrades for Your Home

New Fixtures

It really makes no sense to upgrade a kitchen or bathroom without replacing the fixtures. If you want to impress, having beautifully finished faucets give that final touch. But you want to put some thought into the features for your fixtures before starting your remodel project. Many of today’s fixtures have features that might not have been available when your existing fixtures were installed. So, you don’t have to replace existing fixtures with the same boring ones. With the “green” movement, you now have many options for water efficiency with low-flow toilets, showerheads, and faucets. You have luxury plumbing upgrades such as handheld extensions and various pressure settings for your shower, and a dual basin sink for increased functionality in your kitchen. You will be amazed at your options!

Modern Appliances

No one wants to think about replacing an old water heater, washing machine or dishwasher, but if it’s old then there is a good possibility that it is also inefficient. That inefficiency is costing you money besides being a potential cost for more maintenance and repair. New appliances are designed for better water conservation and energy efficiency. You might be surprised at how much you can save when you look at the Watersense labels and energy ratings. Plus, new appliances add value to your home and buyers expect them if you decide to sell your home.

Re-piping Old Water Lines

Improving your plumbing with copper or PVC water lines can not only affect your water quality and usage, but it can also help avoid a plumbing catastrophe. Old lines leak, especially if they are constructed of galvanized steel or polybutylene (grey or blue poly). Galvanized pipes are well known for their corrosion problems. And if you mention grey or blue poly to most people, they may cringe because of the many horror stories circulating about flooded homes. In addition, if you were to sell your home, appraisers will look closely at your plumbing system and warn buyers of old water lines. When you re-pipe your old water lines, you’ll get peace of mind knowing your pipes are functioning like new instead of haunting you.

When making plumbing upgrades, it is important to have proper installation. At High Priority Plumbing, we will make sure repairs and installations are done properly to help maximize your investment. Call us at 770.860.8110 in Atlanta to get assistance with your remodel.

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