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What do you do when you have a stubborn clog? You know the one I mean, when you think you’ve tried everything. The plunger might have been the first step, and then when that didn’t work you added a drain cleaner. You might have tried several drain cleaners and now your worried if there is a reaction going on in your pipes. You even found a wire hanger to poke down the drain. And now you have come to realize it is time to call the plumber because that stubborn clog is still there.

Unclogging Drains with a Jetter

Jetting is one of the most effective ways to unclog and clean your sewer lines. When a plumber like High Priority Plumbing provides jetting services to help unclog your sewer lines, they are using powerful, high-pressure streams of water to push debris, organic buildup, dirt, or anything that is blocking the drain so it is cleared away. The jetter strips away layers of grime and grease from inside your lines. If you have an object or mass stuck in the drain, it can be knocked loose from the powerful pressure. Your drains are cleaned and flowing as if they were newly installed.

Jetting Services for Maintenance

If your drains are the slightest bit sluggish, you should not wait until your drains are so clogged that you can’t use them. Over time, waste and mineral deposits will accumulate along the inside of your lines. As more waste and debris accumulate, water flowing through your pipe is obstructed and you begin to see sluggish drainage at your sink or in your tub. By that time, you already have a problem. And if you let it get worse, it will become a stubborn clog that can damage your sewer line.

When a plumber uses a jetter to clean your sewer lines, you will notice a difference even if you are dealing with slow drains. Jetting is not just for emergency clogs that have gotten out of hand. Jetting is a maintenance service to keep your drains free and clear of waste that builds up over time.

What is Jetting?

Jetting, also called hydro jetting or hydro scrubbing, is a process that uses water at high pressure to scour your lines. Streams of water shoot out of a hose and nozzle system at up to 3,500 pounds per square inch. Because of the strength of pressure, obstructions are cleared away easily.

Jetting is environmentally friendly. The process uses the power of water pressure so there is no need for chemicals. This is important when you have a clogged drain and are concerned about reactions. Some solvents can react with other chemicals that you poured down the drain or with certain types of materials. No matter what material your sewer lines are made of, jetting is a safe way to clear away obstructions. And it uses small amounts of water.

Plus, it can be economical when you consider the savings of maintaining your lines and preventing damage. Not only can you prevent a fractured or broken line, but you can also prevent the potential for mold and other damage caused when lines leak.

Unclog Your Lines

Don’t ignore a clog for too long. If you are ready to get rid of that clog and get your sewer lines flowing like new again, give us a call. High Priority Plumbing offers jetting services in the metro Atlanta area. You can reach our Atlanta office at 770.860.8110.

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