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Summertime is a great time to put your home on the market. If you are thinking about listing your home, now is the time to do plumbing upgrades since you will want to get your house in tip-top shape for potential buyers. Even if you aren’t planning to sell, making improvements can help to increase your home’s value and don’t have to be extensive.

We’ve put together a list of a few plumbing upgrades that can be done within a reasonable budget and get a good return on investment.

Plumbing Upgrades for a Good Return on Your Investment

Eco-friendly Appliances

Installing “green” or eco-friendly appliances is a hot trend for the market. Buyers appreciate knowing that they will be saving money and conserving water when they move in. Replacing an old toilet with a WaterSense model can offer immediate savings in water usage while making a big impression. Other eco-friendly appliances to look at replacing include your dishwasher, washing machine and water heater. Even if they aren’t broken, a replacement can be worth the expense because you’ll start saving at once and your house is more marketable.

New Fixtures

Upgrades in the bathroom and kitchen are some of the biggest returns on investment when you remodel your home. But you don’t need a full gut. Instead, consider simple things to remodel like refacing cabinets and installing new faucets and showerheads. There are many design options for new fixtures plus luxury features to help make your bathroom or kitchen renovation look beautiful. Think about the convenience with added value from low-flow faucets, handheld extensions and various pressure settings for your shower, and a dual basin sink in your kitchen.

Piping Replacement

If you have any grey or blue poly pipes in your home, potential buyers know that they are at high risk for leaks. The presence of poly piping in your home sends a huge red flag that can significantly affect a sale. And if you are already doing remodeling in a kitchen or bathroom, replacing the piping while you have walls opened can be cost-effective.

To maximize your return on investment, it is critical that you have a proper installation with plumbing upgrades. You will also want to fix leaks and make repairs before showing off your home. High Priority Plumbing will make repairs and perform installations that are done right the first time! Call us at 770.860.8110 in Atlanta.

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