How to Find Underground Water Line Leak

Atlanta Underground Water Leak Detection

Has your water bill gone up without any obvious reason? You may have an underground water leak. Since they are hidden away, underground leaks can go unnoticed and cause significant damage. Calling in the professionals is the best solution when suspecting an underground leak. Our team at High Priority Plumbing utilizes the latest water line leak detection methods to locate the source of the problem, so we can provide a solution to fix it properly. 

Underground leak detection can be performed by an amateur, but they may not find the leak efficiently or be able to fix the problem. If you have an underground leak, it may be best to leave the underground water leak detection to us. 

Determining if You Have a Leak

  • Take a Look at Your Water MeterWhen you shut your water off, you can check your water usage to see if you have an underground leak. Make sure nothing is running by shutting off your main water valve supplying water to your home. If you need direction for this process, revisit our blog from last month. Your water meter should have a leak indicator. This is usually a triangle that spins when water is being used. But if your triangle is still spinning when the water is off, you have an underground leak. If your water heater does not have the leak indicator triangle, record the meter reading, then wait 30-60 minutes. Compare the reading afterward and see if it changed. If you see a change in the reading even when the water is shut off, you have an underground leak. 
  • Look for Evidence of a Leak–Underground leaks can go undetected as you will not have water pooling up in your home or a dripping sound. Be sure to watch your water bill closely, and walk the perimeter of your home and look for unusually wet portions of your yard, sinkholes, or patches of grass or vegetation growing unusually quickly in comparison to the rest. Indicators inside your home that might hint towards the underground leak would be decreased water pressure as well as dirt, rust or air in your water supply. 

Whether you choose to examine your meter or property to determine if there is a leak or leave the whole thing to us, the next step when you suspect a leak is to call High Priority Plumbing. We use state-of-the-art leak detection methods to pinpoint the exact location of your underground leak. The leaks are often located around your shutoff valve or between pipe fittings or joints. Our team can locate the leak and resolve the issue before the leak can cause any more damage or expense. Underground leaks can cause damage to your property eventually and will start eating away at your budget through high utility costs if left undetected. High Priority Plumbing is standing by ready to help with your underground leak detection!

How to Find Underground Water Line Leak

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