How to Find Sewer Cleanout

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Knowing the location of your sewer cleanout is valuable information during a plumbing or sewer blockage. However, locating this crucial part of your plumbing system can be tricky, especially if you have a large home or backyard. Because the High Priority Plumbing team believes in making customers a priority, we’ve put together a list of ways to help you find your sewer cleanouts, especially if you’re in an emergency plumbing situation. Doing so can help you better inform a plumber of the plumbing issue and quickly locate the problem. 

Know What a Sewer Cleanout Is 

Before you can go on the hunt for this component of your plumbing system, it is helpful to understand what a sewer cleanout is and what it does. The sewer cleanout is a pipe covered with a cap that allows access to the main sewer line. Typically plumbers will open a sewer cleanout to clear out a blockage in the pipes. Both homes and public locations have sewer cleanouts. 

Know How Many Cleanouts Your Home Has 

Depending on the size of your home, you may have more than one sewer cleanout connected to your home. Some larger homes may have as many as three, while most homes will have one. Some older homes may not have a sewer cleanout. If this is the case, you may want to have one installed so that a plumber can quickly access your main sewer line and repair any issues. 

Check Your Basement 

You may want to begin your search in the lower reaches of your home, like your basement, crawl space, or garage, because these are also viable plumbing cleanout locations. If the main sewer line cleanout is located in your basement, it’s likely near the foundation wall. If the cleanout is there, you will notice a protruding pipe with a white cap. 

Get a Plumbing Cleanout Diagram 

If your sewer cleanout isn’t located in your home, it’s likely somewhere in your front or backyard. It could be near a sidewalk (that’s close to your home), your home’s foundation, or possibly under dirt or debris. If you’re unsure where this location is, or you have a larger yard, consider obtaining a plumbing cleanout diagram from your county clerk. This document will reveal the location of the main sewer line, making it easier to track where your cleanout might be. 

If you’re facing a sewer blockage and are unsure where your sewer cleanout is, the expert plumbing team at High Priority Plumbing can help. For 25 years, we’ve helped the surrounding community handle plumbing issues, and we’re equipped to take your next plumbing problem off your hands. To start the process, we invite you to call us at 770-746-9742.

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