High Priority Plumbing Sponsors Fundraising Event for Prevent Child Abuse Rockdale

High Priority Plumbing Is A Proud Sponsor For Prevent Child Abuse

High Priority Plumbing is a proud sponsor for Prevent Child Abuse (PCA) Rockdale and their cause of educating parents and providing them essential resources to help raise a family that is free from abuse and neglect.  Through their sponsorship, High Priority Plumbing is helping PCA Rockdale make aware of their need for your kind and generous donations.  Your donations will help PCA Rockdale continue to be able to provide their free assistance to the parents within the community.

PCA Rockdale provides free assistance for their primary Parent Education Program as well as essential resources to help parents who live in the community.  PCA Rockdale has been a non-profit organization of prevention and intervention services within our community since 1989.  They are dedicated to ensuring children are raised in a safe, loving, and nurturing home free from all forms of abuse and neglect.

During their fall fundraising event, PCA Rockdale will be accepting funds, volunteers, and in-kind contributions.  When you give to Prevent Child Abuse Rockdale, 100% of your donation supports their programs. None of your donations go toward rent, utilities, and food.

High Priority Plumbing Inc. is very excited about sharing its community involvement.  For over 25 years, they have been providing excellence in plumbing.  They are a family-owned and operated company offering residential and commercial plumbing services that cover the Atlanta and Savannah areas.  They currently have offices in Conyers and Savannah, Georgia.

High Priority Plumbing’s growth has doubled the size of their company for the past two years, enabling them to expand their services while also allowing them to give back to the community.  High Priority Plumbing is the key sponsor for PCA Rockdale’s cause, providing aid and funds to raise awareness and help the children of Rockdale, Newton and surrounding counties.

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