Concrete v. Plastic Septic Tanks

Concrete Vs Plastic Septic Tanks

Are you thinking about septic tank options for your backyard? If so, there are two types for your consideration: concrete and plastic. Both have advantages and drawbacks, and both have features that the other doesn’t. The hard part is picking which one is right for you. Is one better than the other? To find the correct material for your yard, it’s good to know each option’s differences, weaknesses, and benefits.

Concrete Septic Tanks

Concrete tanks have a high upfront cost, and installation can be more challenging due to the weight of the material. However, concrete is durable, long-lasting, and requires little maintenance. The heaviness of concrete adds stability, giving concrete tanks high effluence (liquid wastewater) levels and preventing them from “floating” to the top of the ground. Additionally, unlike plastic tanks, concrete is approved in all states.

Plastic Septic Tanks

Unlike concrete, plastic is resistant to cracking, won’t rust, and is more cost-effective. Due to its light weight, plastic septic tank installation is much easier than concrete, and the tanks themselves can be corrosion-proof and water-tight. However, plastic tanks are more vulnerable to damage and have low effluent levels; if water levels are high, the tank can “float” up to the yard. Plastic tanks are not approved in all states and can be damaged during installation. 

So which is better? The short answer is neither. Each tank can cater to specific needs, depending on your yard. In order to choose the correct septic tank, it’s important to assess factors like where the tank will be located and what your budget is. The professionals at High Priority Plumbing can help you make and informed decision. We specialize in fast, quality service with detail-oriented jobs that are done right. Our services are provided by experts who can install, repair, and pump your septic system with reliable and long-lasting results. Contact us now for all your septic tank needs!

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