Avoid a Line Leak this Holiday Season

Leak Detection Equipment & Tools

A water line leak can be a huge mess and costly to repair. It can also be an embarrassment if it happens while you have guests visiting during the holidays. It’s not uncommon that lines leak at the worst times. Your lines experience heavier usage during the holidays. In addition, you can have potential pipe problems that result from freezing temperatures observed at this time of year in the metro Atlanta area.

Our plumbers in Atlanta are regularly busy with plumbing emergencies on holidays like the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. To avoid emergencies, take notice of warning signs so you can make repairs before your guests arrive.

  • A leaking faucet is a sign that there is a problem. Putting continual pressure on the knob won’t help and will actually cause more of a problem. Your guests might not realize this and will apply more pressure to force the knob when they see the faucet continuing to leak. That is when the knob could break and water flows uncontrollably. Avoiding this often involves easily replacing parts such as an o-ring, washer or another component. Or you might have to replace the appliance completely.
  • Slow drains are another sign that you could have a leak. And with so many people eating all that good food on Thanksgiving Day, your sewer drains are getting extra use. What was once a slow drain can very quickly become a backed-up drain or a busted sewer pipe. To avoid this, add a cleaner to your drains or contact your plumber to unclog them. High Priority Plumbing has equipment such as mechanical snakes, air burst drain cleaners, and high-pressure jetters to break up waste and debris for cleaner, faster-flowing sewer lines.
  • When you have a toilet that constantly needs to be plunged, your lines are probably clogged. As the clog worsens, water and waste will backup in more fixtures, such as showers, bathtubs, and sinks. Then, you may start to smell the odor from the drains. Using a drain cleaner or getting your drains cleaned by your plumber will clear the lines so your toilet flushes freely and the lingering odor is gone.
  • A leak under your kitchen sink could be due to your waste disposal getting clogged. With plenty of cooking and the addition of guests, your disposal could be taking on more than it can handle this holiday season. To avoid problems with your disposal, regularly run the disposal so it doesn’t fill and become overheated. Also, take precautions on what you put at your disposal. It is designed to handle only certain types of food waste; foods that have grinds, pits, husks, shells, bones, and thin peels can break your disposal.

Leaking lines often start with a line that is clogged by waste and debris. By addressing the clog early, you are more likely to enjoy your holidays with guests without a potential plumbing emergency. To get help clearing clogs and fixing leaking lines, contact High Priority Plumbing in our Atlanta office at 770.860.8110.

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