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Residential Plumbing Services Columbus, GA

Do you have a residential plumbing issue in the Columbus, GA area that involves sewers and drains, leaky faucets, garbage disposals, water lines, sump pumps, septic systems, or gas lines? If so, our team at High Priority Plumbing has you covered with exceptional quality residential plumbing repair and installation services. We have the trained personnel, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently handle a wide range of plumbing issues homeowners face.

Our Residential Plumbing Services

We serve our residential customers through both prescheduled appointments and 24/7 emergency service. No matter the plumbing issue, a skilled plumber from our team will arrive at your home at the designated time to diagnose the problem at hand and develop a comprehensive quote to complete the work. We perform all of our plumbing work to a high standard of quality workmanship in accordance with all relevant municipal codes. We also clean our work area after finishing the job and ensure your plumbing system is functioning properly, safely, and efficiently before we leave.

Whether you need help with an urgent plumbing issue that requires immediate attention or another issue that can be addressed during a pre-scheduled service visit, our trained plumbing professionals are here to serve you. You can count on us for water leak detectionresidential sewer line uncloggingwater heater repair and replacement, and much more!

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To learn more about the residential plumbing services we offer in Columbus, GA, or to arrange a service visit, give us a call today at 770.874.1464 or use our contact form to send us a message.


Residential Drain and Sewer Services Columbus, GA

When too much dirt, waste, or debris is flushed down the drain, sewer and drain lines can get clogged and backed up. When these issues are not remedied by household cleaners or plungers, you need professional plumbing services to come to the rescue. At High Priority Plumbing and Services, Inc., we are your source for drain cleaning and sewer cleaning in Columbus, GA.



Residential Faucet Services Columbus, GA

Having faucets and sinks that work properly is important for any home or business. Problems with faucets and sinks can be very disruptive to home life and business operations, and they can cause a mess at the same time. At High Priority Plumbing and Services, Inc., we offer faucet repair services for commercial and residential customers in the Columbus, GA area.



Residential Water Line Services Columbus, GA

Some of the most difficult plumbing issues include those involving water line leaks and associated damage. A water line leak is an emergency plumbing issue that requires immediate attention. Freezing temperatures can damage water lines and result in no running water. If one of your water lines is cracked or broken, our team at High Priority Plumbing and Services, Inc. can provide the spot water…



Residential Sump Pump Services Columbus, GA

It is critical to have a properly working sump pump system, whether in your home or business. Sump pump issues that lead to flooding in your space can cause an unsightly and hazardous mess. At High Priority Plumbing and Services, Inc., we offer sump pump maintenance, repair, and replacement services to protect your home or business in the Columbus, GA area from flooding.



Residential Garbage Disposal Services Columbus, GA

Garbage disposals are a convenient appliance for disposing of uneaten and unwanted food stuff. If something goes wrong with your garbage disposal, the situation can become inconvenient and messy fast. At High Priority Plumbing and Services, Inc., our plumbers are able to provide the garbage disposal repair or installation services you need in Columbus, GA.



Residential Water Heater Services Columbus, GA

When the time comes for an electric or gas water heater repair or replacement, you can trust our talented plumbers at High Priority Plumbing and Services, Inc. to provide the optimal solution you need. Our team can help you with installation, repairs, and maintenance for gas/electric heaters, expansion tanks, and tankless water heaters in Columbus, GA.



Residential Gas Line Services Columbus, GA

Properly operating gas lines are vitally important for both homes and businesses. They help provide the fuel that heats interior spaces, cooks food in the kitchen, and operates dryers. At High Priority Plumbing and Services, Inc., we offer plumbing services that include gas line installation and repair to ensure the supply of gas to your residential or commercial property continues safely and u…



Residential Underground Plumbing Services Columbus, GA

Many homeowners and business owners choose to have additional outdoor spigots, taps, and water lines installed on their properties. Sometimes, they need the installation of new gas lines. At High Priority Plumbing and Services, Inc., we have all of your underground plumbing needs covered in Columbus, GA, including the repair and installation of water lines, taps, spigots, and gas lines.

Residential Drain and Sewer Services Columbus, GA
Residential Faucet Services Columbus, GA
Residential Water Line Services Columbus, GA
Residential Sump Pump Services Columbus, GA
Residential Garbage Disposal Services Columbus, GA
Residential Water Heater Services Columbus, GA
Residential Gas Line Services Columbus, GA
Residential Underground Plumbing Services Columbus, GA

Testimonials & Reviews

Michael Luoma
July 9th, 2024

Company did a great job assisting with my water leak. The tech that assisted, Bobby Lowe, was extremely professional and gave me a heads up on everything so there were no surprises. 10/10 will do business with this company again if I ever have plumbing needs.

jewel scott
July 3rd, 2024

The Best plumbing company hands down!! Nick went above & beyond to handle my home situation!! He is professional , effective & honest!! When I tell you if you ever have any plumbing problems calm them …oh and ask for Nick!!

James Andrews
June 27th, 2024


Chris Craddock
June 26th, 2024

I cant say enough great things about this company! I had a bad water leak coming into my house from the main line leading into the house that caused some flooding in my office/basement. Mathew and Clarissa came out same day, found the problem and fixed it right away! They were on time and extremely professional. If you have ANY plumbing needs, these guys will take care of you!

Christina Malcolm
June 19th, 2024

Very knowledgeable and thorough. Made sure I understood every step of the process.

Wendy Newman
June 17th, 2024

Cameron went above and beyond to fix a dishwasher leak and replaced a water line.He checked out everything in crawl space and made sure the repair fixed the problems

Caitlin O'Connor
June 17th, 2024

I called and was able to get an appointment window same day! Jawaz was awesome in helping us solve our problems.

Patrice Devereaux
June 17th, 2024

Always done just like we need the work completed. Cameron shows up on time, ready to do the job. He’s pleasant and knowledgeable. High Priority has always been able to schedule a plumber for us right in the window where it’s needed. We appreciate the work they do for us.

Justin Rawlins
June 12th, 2024

Great team of guys got the job done in no time!!

Peter M
June 12th, 2024

Murphy did a great job fixing a pipe leak above our living room ceiling. Very professional and took extra care to protect our furniture and carpet. Would highly recommend High Priority!

Mathew Carson
June 8th, 2024

Excellent and timely service

Motel 6 & Studio 6 Columbus Airport
June 6th, 2024

Wes & the HPP team has been a huge asset for us. They took on the work no one else would. They helped us with our major plumbing repair, were immaculate in their professionalism and workmanship. Highly recommended.

Jeanette Jordan
June 5th, 2024

Thank you for coming out and as quickly and sending a knowledgeable tech and being affordable for me

k-air jrdn
June 4th, 2024

Great service. Done fast and no mess.

Sharon Lumpkin
June 3rd, 2024

Excellent knowledge of the job, and superb Customer Service and Professionalism from Jawaz Wilson.

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What does commercial plumbing involve?

Commercial plumbing includes all aspects of installing, repairing, and maintaining plumbing fixtures and systems. At High Priority Plumbing, we provide a comprehensive list of commercial services, including repairs, jetting and drain cleaning, water heater repair and replacement, and new system and line installation.

How much does commercial plumbing cost?

At High Priority Plumbing, we provide exceptional professional plumbing services at reasonable prices. We customized the quote for your specific job, with free estimates and convenient online contact for project quotes.

What are my options for fixing a commercial plumbing problem?

Call our plumbing experts at High Priority Plumbing to get a free quote on the project. We can also discuss options for the repair, working to your budget and timeline.

How often should I get a full commercial plumbing inspection done?

Newer commercial buildings are less likely to have plumbing problems. For these buildings, an annual inspection may be all that is needed. For older properties or those with continuing plumbing issues, such as slow drains, visible signs of leaks, sudden changes in water usage, or problems with the hot water supply and temperature control, semi-annual or even quarterly inspections may be the ideal solution.